Jan. 21, 2021

Phrogging , Are You Really Alone?

Phrogging , Are You Really Alone?
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Your home is a sanctuary. We know who comes and goes. It’s somewhere we feel at peace. We wouldn’t expect someone to be living there without our knowledge, in this episode we will explore phrogging. Is it fact or fiction? We'll go through the case of Dolly Oesterreich who kept her lover in the attic. We will also explore multiple cases of individuals living in other people's homes undetected.  Make sure those doors are locked before you start this episode.

Girl In The Apartment: https://youtu.be/06X9qXTvKNQ

Jeremy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6S0jw06UAc&ab_channel=LanternOSU

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Our home is a refuge. It is at one place where we are supposed to feel safe. So how would you react as you found out that a stranger came coming. Go inside your home in the middle of the night and you don't even know welcome back everyone to not another word podcast. I'm your host and curator of all things strange and unexplained. Anthony rose hetty this week. We're on season wine episode six before we get into things. I just wanted to give a warm shutout to south africa for putting us on the apple podcasts. Char's further to crime genre at number forty. One is the first time this joe has ever made eight. So thank you guys for left the show and help you continue to support it now. We've covered so much already in these fresh episodes. What's in. i gonna do the little deeper. If you ever heard of frogging. If you remember the golden age of youtube you might remember the show living with strangers. Where the frogging challenge originated now. Frogging is considered to be somewhat of an urban legend is even a movie about it. 'cause i see you s- pretty good movie. Actually frogging is the act of moving into someone's home living there while remaining undetected. He's fraudsters live by strict set of rules. One don't get detected to clean up after yourself. Three only take which you need for. Leave the home in the same condition as it was when you arrived. How considered now urban legend society. The act of moving into someone's house undetected is very much a real thing. Various hand accounts range from texas to japan. For example in two thousand and eight a man named stanley. Carter lived in a families adding in wilkes barre pennsylvania for a week. It was not until then i pied. Cash came up missing that the family began to get very suspicious. A few days later mr carter was discovered hiding in the attic wearing their clothes in two thousand twelve man. South carolina lived in his ex-girlfriend's attic undetected for two weeks. The homeowner tracy said that she heard movements and her attic and night and thought it might have been a poltergeist with tracy son discovered mad. He fled before the police could apprehend him. He's never been card but the police did find bottles of urine and cups of feces. Also and two thousand a a woman named hiroki kura lived in japanese man home for a year she was totally undetected until the homeowner noticed their food was missing over several months and install security cameras inside the home. I could go on and on. But let's narrow it down to some of the most disturbing not cases will start with the curious case of dali ostrich there as your host and curate of all things strange and unexplained anthony rosetti. And i just wanna have a quick heart to heart with you now. You've probably been wanting to start your own podcast but can't seem to get the ball rolling or you just don't know where to start and trust me i get it.

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There are a lot of options out. There is almost overload but today i'm going to tell you about the easiest way and it is download the anchor app or visit anchor. Fm to start your own. Podcast free no complicated software or membership fees. It's all free and they'll even distributive for you on spotify apple podcast many more. You can even start earning money right now with no minimum listenership. Download the anchor at to get started today. Now let's get back to the show while berga dolly ostrich. She was a housewife in her early thirties. Mary to the owner of a milwaukee apron factory. Fred was a successful businessman in words. Long hours but dolly dolly had need and fred was either too busy or too drunk to meet them. One warm autumn day in nineteen thirteen dalai found the her sewing machine wasn't working. She of course called fred to fit frustration and he promises sent over a repair man and that he did. This is how dollywood meet the young man that should have to fix it. Seventeen-year-old otto isla will become a single part of this story so stay with me now. Dali must have figured that. Fred was sent auto over because she knew. The teenager worked for freight at the factory. When auto arrived he was met. By the laura dali now dolly was described as someone who was very unique she was not conventionally attractive but exuded a certain sex appeal is certain genocide. Gua if you will. She would greet auto wary only row and stockings does begin a bizarre affair that will last a decade. Now you're probably wondering what is had to do with froggy. Don't worry we'll get there l. At first dalai auto conducted their relationship the usual secretive manner meeting in hotels to continue their sexual relationship after a while. Though meeting outside the home became risky and the two begin having sex and the ostrich's head. Soon though nosy neighbors they always do begin. Asking about the man who'd been hanging around dolly told them he was her vagabond half brother after realizing they were drawing attention to themselves. Dali came up with the solution. She decided that auto will take residence and the ad that way he never be spotted coming going because i guess raking up would have been too complicated now. This worked for auto and he quit his job at the factory to become a writer. But this new arrangement mentha auto couldn't leave whenever he wanted to because prying eyes would notice. He remained there and worked on writing. Hope fiction stories that he'd hoped to have published the los angeles times reported at night. He read mysteries by candlelight and wrote stories of adventure and lust probably because he couldn't leave the attic by day he may love dali ostrich helped her keep house made bath tub. Gin sounds kind of actually for five years. Dolly auto carried on this odd relationship with auto living in the cramped attic so when fred informed ali nineteen eighteen that he thought they should sell the house and move to los angeles. You can see why dolly would have an issue dolly being the national problems over that. She was found a house overlooking sunset boulevard with an attic since auto early yes. She sent him there before they moved in so he be weighing fair when she arrived and life continued in the exact same way it had been for four more years until august twenty second nineteen twenty two when otto of her dali infrared fighting from his attic abode.

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He burst into the room. Where the ostriches arguing. He was holding two pistols. Fred recognized ido immediately and he became very very angry. Two men struggled in guns. Went off for it was shot in otto. Dali locked dolly in a closet from the outside taking the key and the guns with him to the attic would report the gunshots. In this way dolly would have an alibi. She couldn't have shot her husband while locked away man. It was a real brighter when the police arrive. Dolly told them it was a robbery where the robbers shot. Fred took some expensive belongings and then lottery closet before fleeing the police were somewhat wary of this story but they can prove anything so they released their now. the dalai was a widow. She moved into a new house and continued on with her life. You're probably thinking well now. They could be together in the open rain. It could have the romance that they always want it not quite instead. When dolly moved her living sex slave took a residence in her again. Yes in the new house where she was single. He stayed in the adding have manage to get a few pulp stories published. And with this money plus if you nickels and dimes. Here and there from dolly. He purchased a typewriter to keep writing. I'll dolly managed to get herself in new lover lawyer. Herman s shapiro. Good for her. But like dali's first husband shapiro. Spent long hours away duties profession. Enter roy clung another lover keep alley occupy their usa club might have been targeted rid of the guns. Used to shoot fred. Dolly persuaded him to dig infers ferry saying it resemble the robbers guided. She didn't want to get in trouble. So calm toss it in the la brea tar pits. She then sweet talk to neighbor into burying the other gun his yard. I mean you gotta kinda respect this woman when dolly visually a club. A while later he went to the police with the story. The gun was pulled from the tar pits and dolly was taken into custody. Her neighbor dug up the other gun. Took to the cavs but neither weapon could be tied to dolly because the guns had corroded with dolly awaiting trial jails. She pleaded with shapiro to buy groceries for auto and tap on the ceiling of the bedroom closet. To let him know he should come out. She also tried to tell shapiro that the attic bound auto was her bhagwan brother but start for conversation within the male idol spill the truth to shapiro about the nature of his team. Dolly's relationship sapiro essentially told. How does he get lost. Dahlie released on bail. Apparently the fact that she had kept a man in the attic was not a deal. Breaker is the lawyer promptly moved in with her. I'll charges against dali was dropped. That is until seven years later. When things became here parable between dolly shapiro. He moved out and told the beliefs what he gathered. The crime against fred warrants were again issued dolly and this time auto as well a jerry found guilty of manslaughter even at his defense state. That dolly had enslaved him. The trial became known as the batman. Case since i don't have been kept in seclusion in a cave like adding. Nevertheless though the statue of limitations on the manslaughter had run out was a free man. Dali went to trial and the conspiracy charge but also walked free after a hung jury. Everything was dropped in. She died in nineteen sixty one.

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Eighty hopefully having learned anything to about relationships now jilted lovers aside. We'll that in the valentine's day episode. You're probably thinking okay. I'm still not afraid. Don't have any lovers in my attic. Well this is one of the more lighthearted odd stories. Let's go down this rabbit hole. Shall we less talk about a more. Recent case on december third two thousand and nineteen. A woman claimed. Someone had been living in the crawlspace under herself park home according to the charlotte police. The homeowner said her landscapers discovered several items in the crawlspace including kennels coke bottles and toilet paper. The homeowner said one of the biggest concerns was that they were using candles which could create a fire. She's quoted as saying it was very scary just thinking it could burn my house down. I mean i don't know about you but that would have been at least of my worries. She said the suspect broke in through the side. Door into the crawlspace by. She's not sure how long they were there. It was a nurturing. She said somebody had been living there in. I don't know how long the most unsettling part to me though is. The nearest house was about three miles away. Hey maybe it was a homeless person but they must have been familiar with the area. The homeowner was quoted as saying nobody knows were houses. They always make a comment. I had no idea this house was back here. The homeowner said there's never been a break in her twenty years. Living at the home she added padlock to the side door in urge her neighbors to do the same. I think i would have moved in two thousand thirteen. Some ohio state university students discovered. They were not alone in their off campus accommodation after they found someone living there baseman before the discovery students it often found their cabinets and micro as open and even heard noises from the basement. They never thought much of the events although they often joked that the strange happenings for the handiwork. The only found out the goals was say secret. Roommate when maintenance workers forcefully opened the basement this stranger was another student who was only identified as jeremy. They're lot to pick up his things before evicting him from the home. No one knew how. Jeremy got into the house or how long keeping living there. They guess it was before they moved it. Cecil lower never changed the loss of the house. The creepiest part of this. One of the roommates admit jammie earlier at a party but thought it was just a visitor. Amber dawn heard footsteps in her attic. The night she moves into a new apartment in washington in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven. She checked the trap door that led to the adding while it looks suspicious as if it had been pulled in by someone inside. She never thought someone could actually be in there. She told the landlady about the footsteps but the lady dismissed it as a squirrel. Dr were notice strange events in her home over the next few months things mysteriously would missing and her items. Her being moved at one point her nine week old puppy ended up inside her bathroom sink during a flood. Even though it could in by itself dont'a her brother who also had key to the apartment was responsible. She only found out that truth. Six months after the one night she was soaking in the bathtub when she looked up at the trap door their letter adding it was open. She quickly grabbed a hammer her dob before leaving the house outside. She called her sister in law. Who came and picked her up.

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Police later searched don's home apartment and found no one however they found food it book in his sleeping bag inside the adding in two thousand eighteen seventy three year old grandmother vel mckellen notice the front part of her yelm. Washington home was colder than other parts of her home. She suspected the heating was not working properly and bought another furnace. But the problem persisted so she called a repair man to check it out there repairman discover. The problem was not the furnace but that someone was living under house. The person had cut her dogs to redirect the heat. Their kellen was shot while she never saw the person she had noticed something unusual events at her home. She wants found her gate open and often smelled something that was worse than cigarettes. The repairman did not find any shows. We did discover beer cans under the house. Now you stuck with me for this long and maybe you still not unsettled less fine because right now i'm about to really get into the most sinister case out of all the case i'm referring to is as the boy in the walls. I'm about to tell you. The case of daniel la applied as a teenager. The plot broke into people's home on a regular basis lift a trail of destruction in his way definitely now following the frog hours rules in nineteen eighty six. The teenager began stalking and tormenting a family of three a single father and his two daughters. Any and jessica andrews. The girls begin receiving phone calls from a boy who claimed to be a teenager in their neighborhood. He charmed the young women and eventually convinced any to go on a date with him. Upon first meeting each other in person any was taken aback by looked. But not in a good way. You see on the phone. Deo head described physical features. Far from his real self he was catfish ing before it was trendy. Still any agreed to go for ice cream. When the date ended any had no interest in pursuing the relationship any further after all she was going through a tough time. Her mother had passed away from cancer only a few months ago. Daniel kept asking her questions about her mother about her death. Just really dark stuff. So of course. Why would anyone want to see a person asked. Those types of questions now is widely reported that one night the sisters performed essay on. And if you don't know what that is is an attempt to contact it. I mean i have one about every wednesday night. They weren't aware with that. Daniel had broken into their home. Was knocking on the walls. Making sounds at the sisters. Initially thought was their late mother responding to them for weeks. The knocking continued eventually leading them to think their house was haunted. According to multiple reports this tormenting went on for two months. The sisters told her dad about what they heard but brian andrews attributed that to them not dealing with their mother's death in one night and nineteen eighty-seven. Brian came home and went into amy's room. He was confronted by a frightening sight. According to part a young boy stood jess in the clothing of ryan's deceased wind. He was wearing her makeup address and it blond wig in one of his hands was a hatchet daniel. A struggle proceeded per daniel escape before police later found him in a hidden cross. Base behind cupboard which was built into the wall of any ngos bedroom day on was arrested and charged. He was released from juvenile facility in october.

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Nineteen eighty seven. Two months later he killed three people on december first nineteen eighty seventy man name. Andrew gusts of sun came home to discover his wife's deceased body type priscilla. His wife was pregnant was on the bed and the massive herro share been shot twice her. Two children william and abigail had also died the court documents state. The police found williams body face down in the tub downstairs bathroom. The police discovered abigail spidey faced down in the tub and the downstairs bathroom. The cause of death of both children drowning now. Additionally abigail suffer blood trauma to the head and compressions of the neck. Police soon identified. Daniela's on as the killer and mannheim ensued before he was eventually card in nineteen eighty eight. He was sent to prison with three lays synthesis for the murder of ascent family. For those who think you safe just because you live in a small apartment or condo. how cute. i've got another case just for you. A man in new york city discovery woman. Living in his studio apartment she was living in benz. You can see the full video at the lincoln this show notes but just see her. They're navigating the apartment while he was asleep in seeing her hide behind the couch on the security camera when he wakes up in the middle of the night to get. Something out of. The frigerator is enough to make you well. That wraps it up for this week's episode. Remember you can raise on apple podcasts or pie chaser. If you want to support the show you click on our. Buy me a coffee link in the show for those of you that want to discuss cases or anything else that we talk about on the show feel free to follow our grant ad not another podcast. Twitter at a or podcast are joined the facebook stay. Stay sane and make sure they're battles.