Not Another Horror Podcast

Not Another Horror Podcast

Urban legends, Conspiracy Theories, True Crime Stories, and so much more. Sit back and relax as I give you strange and unexplained stories from the South. Some based on facts and some based on fiction. Either way, they'll keep you up at night. Support this podcast:

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The Multiverse Theory

March 21, 2022

The multiverse theory, also known as the parallel universe theory, proposes that our universe isn't the only one in existence.In fact, there are multiple universes, sometimes called parallel universes or alternative universe…

Who Put Bella In The Wychelm?

March 1, 2022

It's been 79 years since the notorious graffiti showed up around town. Written in white paint, the word's "Who Put Bella In The Wychelm" would cement this unsolved case in our minds forever. In this episode of Not Another Ho…

A Lover's Lane Valentine's Day Killing

Feb. 17, 2022

The 1971 murders of Jesse McBane, 20, and Patricia Mann, 19, in Durham, North Carolina haunt the community to this day. The young lovers disappeared after attending Valentine’s dance at Watts Hospital. Check out my other pod…

Three Perfect Strangers

Jan. 10, 2022

Like something out of a science fiction movie this is a story of one big psychology experiment. When 19-year-old Robert Shafran drove from his home in Scarsdale, NY, to the Catskills for his first day at Sullivan Community C…

A Nightmare Before Christmas : The Bruce Pardo Story

Dec. 20, 2021

Christmas parties are a time for joy, laughs, and family. A time to be shared with the ones you love. But sometimes, the ones who love us, have a different plan. That was the case of Bruce Jeffrey Pardo, the Killer Santa. Br…

Bayou Strangler : The Pattie Labelle Impersenator That Snapped

Dec. 14, 2021

When we think of serial killers, the name Ronald Joseph Dominique doesn’t necessarily come to mind. But while Dominique—who was later given the moniker "the Bayou Strangler"—never gained the notoriety of the Dahmers and Gacy…

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