Jan. 24, 2021

How I found Out Someone Was Living In My Home *Mini Episode*

How I found Out Someone Was Living In My Home *Mini Episode*

An extra story about #Phrogging that didn't make it into this week's full episode.


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Welcome back everyone. 

It's me your hosts and curator of all things strange and unexplained. 

AnthonyRossetti and tonight 

I have a special mini episode for you. 

Now this week we talked about phrogging. 

phrogging is, when someone comes in your home. 

Lives there and you are completely Unaware of  it

Well there was one story; that I did not put in that episode. 

You see I had to get permission to read this story. 

And the user got back to me.

It's something that I really wanted to share  with you so I'm going to be giving you this little mini episode if you will. 

The user. 

Has Titled her story. 

How I found out, someone, was living in my home. 

So I want to send a warm thank you to. 

Bella Bubbles In the let’s not meet subbreddit 

For letting me; read this story. 

On not another  horror podcast


About a year ago, for the month of June my family went to France for four weeks, and left me to tend to the house and take care of the animals. My house is in an interesting location, it is an hour from the campus I go to school on, and a thirty minute drive from my work, and twenty minutes from the main town. My neighbors and I have a few acres in between each other, and the closest house to me is a ten minute drive. My house is surrounded by farmer’s fields, military property, and then miles and miles of BLM land surrounded by mountains.

Sometimes I feel like I live in the house from Courage The Cowardly Dog because of how in the middle of nowhere it is, and how lots of weird stuff happens in it. If you were to Google what a two story house looks like, this would be exactly what my house looks like except it’s a one story. The second story where all the windows are, is just ceiling space. There are also lofts in my house where my landlord was going to put the second story but never got around to it. It was like they tried to build a two story house but realized there was nowhere to put the stairwell. There is also a large basement, and an attic.

I have lived in this house for eight years and have always felt that the house had a weird layout. Next to my room there is a huge wall that connects to the living room wall, but my room isn’t as big as the wall so there is just a large wall in between the living room and my room. Underneath my room is the stairs to the unfinished basement.

Now that you understand the layout of my house you’d understand why there would be a lot of birds nests on the roof. The birds congregate on top of the room during the Summer because that’s when the most bugs are out for them to catch, and because we feed our cat just below. My room acts like a funnel for the noise of them scratching on the roof, and running around.

About two weeks after my family left for France the birds started their scratching noises on top of my roof. They do it every hour or so all day, and all night. It’s a very unsettling sound to hear at three in the morning, and annoying. Then I started to hear scratching and banging sounds coming from the wall next to me which is why I thought we had rats in our walls. My mom assured me over Skype that it was probably just birds on the roof, like normal.

The next few days I keep hearing the scratching noises, and the banging sounds coming from my wall. Finally I decided that it was time to check the closets and the basement for signs of mice or rats so I could buy the proper traps. After checking the basement I don’t find any signs of mice, so I go check the hall closet which is the only thing in between my living room and my room. It’s usually locked because it’s full of a bunch of yard tools, and my step dad’s shotgun, my archery equipment, and a handgun. It’s locked because my youngest brother could seriously injure himself.

I assume it’s locked but I still check the handle and it opens. I thought maybe my step dad unlocked it before they left in case I needed a gun to protect myself. The first thing I notice when I open the closet is that all of the tools are moved to the far side and a portion of the closet wall is missing. At this point I’m freaking the frack out and call my best friend and her dad to come over and check it out.

I thought about calling the police but since I live far from a lot of things I figured me discovering a hole in the wall of my closet probably wasn’t enough to send them out. My best friend’s dad and brother come over and use flashlights to look into the hole. They don’t see anything super weird so my friend’s dad gets on his hands and knees and gets into the hole. When he gets out he has a look of horror on his face and tells us that he found a dirty mattress, a pair of men’s sized jeans, chicken feathers everywhere, and a whole walmart rotisserie chicken partially eaten.

He calls the police, and they search the whole house and find no one, and nothing out of the ordinary. My friend’s dad nails a slab of wood over the hole, and I have all the locks changed. The creepy compartment in my closet has since then been sealed up. The scary thing is that because I work during the day and leave the house unlocked most of the time, the guy who lived in there could have come and gone as he pleased until night when I was home. I have eight dogs which is the reason my family needed me to stay home, and I never heard any of them bark during the time the banging started. Which means the man probably lived in my house a long time and my dogs got used to him.


And that was; how I found out someone was living in my home by bella bubbles.


Well that’s all i have tonight  for you guys.

Now if you like these mini episodes,I might put out a few within the next few weeks or so


It's so many interesting things that I find that i want to talk about 

Just not enough information fora whole episode.. But if you enjoy the mini-episode format. I'll be sure to record more and send them your way. 

Stay Safe, Stay Sane

See you guys next week.