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Theodor Seuss Geisel once said that you know you’re in love when you can’t  fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. But  sometimes love is one-sided, and triggers hate which makes people  do the unthinkable... In this Valentine's Day episode we will explore four cases of Erotomania.  

Cases Included in this episode:

John Warnock Hinckley JR & Jodie Foster

Margaret Mary Ray & David Letterman

Greg Atkins & Debra

Christina Grimmie & Kevin Lobiel

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happy valentine's day. All you lovers at there. Welcome to a very special feeding episode of not another podcast for those of you keeping count. This is season one episode ten. Yes this is our tenth episode. You're still here. So i guess things are getting pretty serious. There were no strangers to talking about mental health on this show. This is something you might not have heard of. Iran to- mania. You see a writer. Mania insured is when you love someone and they don't know you exist literally it's a condition where a person lives at a sort of fantasy in their head and everyone is destined to keep you guys support now in this age of social media where we always seem to be connected. It's easy to think you know somewhere. All it takes few taps on a screen or click of a mouse and you are their person's friend and they have complete access to the daily happenings of your life tonight. Let's take you wall. Let me fill you in on some of the worst publicized cases right after the hey there s your host and curate of all things strange and unexplained anthony rose eighty and i just want to have a quick heart to heart with you. Now you've probably been wanting to start your own podcast but can't seem to get the ball rolling or you just don't know where to stored and trust me. I get it. There are a lot of options out. There is almost overload but today i'm going to tell you about the easiest way and it is to download the anchor app or visit anchor dot fm to start your own. Podcast free no complicated software or membership fees. it's all free and they'll even distributor for you on spotify apple podcast anymore. You can even start earning money right now with no minimum listenership. Dalo the anchor app to get started today. Let's get back to the show. Era mania has showed up throughout history before we get into recent cases. Let's take a trip back in time. I could tell you about how king george. The v had a woman from france who would stand outside buckingham palace and watch for the curtains to move. You see. She thought that was his way of talking to her. She even thought she was pregnant with his baby. Even though she never had sex with him i mean he was quite the looker. So i guess maybe that's too far bag. This aim our target at the seventy s. A man named john worn cock. Hinckley jr. would have a severe case varada mania. You see john believe that jodi foster was in love with him. His obsession began in nineteen seventy six when he was he. Jodie foster in the movie taxi. Never those of you who have not seen the movie. Let me give you a short summary. Disturbed protagonist travis bickel played by robert deniro plus to assess a presidential candidate. Now just keep any in mind because it's going to be very important to the story. Majority foster got accepted into yale. She moved to new haven connecticut. Hinckley also moved to new haven connecticut. No he did not get accepted into yale but he rented an apartment in the area. He lived there for just a short time to stalk her there. He slipped poems and messages under foster's store and repeatedly called and left her messages.

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And i can't even get a text back filling to develop any meaningful contact with the actress. Hinckley fantasize about conducting an aircraft jacking. Because why not. Then he thought about committing suicide in front of her to get her attention which seems counterproductive to me. But whatever works for you i guess. Eventually he settled on a scheme to impress her. By assessing the president thinking that by achieving a history he would appeal to her as an equal. Because you know killer in actress totally the same thing. Hinckley trail president. Jimmy carter from state to state and was arrested in nashville tennessee. On a firearms charge penniless. He returned home now. This did not stop him because he had a motive despite psychiatric treatment for depression his mental health did not improve. He began to target the newly elected president. Ronald reagan in nineteen eighty one. For this purpose he collected material on the assassination of john. F kennedy higley wrote to foster just before his attempt oregon's life over the past seven months. I've left you dozens of poems letters and love messages and the faint hope that you could develop an interest in me. Although we talked on the phone a couple of times. I never had the nerve to simply approach you introduce myself. The reason i'm going ahead with this attempt now is because i cannot wait any longer to impress you. March thirtieth nineteen eighty one at two twenty seven pm. Hinckley shot a revolver. Six times at reagan as he left the hilton hotel in washington. Dc he was of course arrested. The hinckley was found not guilty. By reason of insanity he would then be transferred to the care of psychiatric hospital. Soon after his trial hinkley wrote at the shooting was the greatest love offering in the history of the world. And we're disappointed. The foster did not reciprocate his love. He was released on september tenth. Two thousand sixteen since. We're in the eighties. Now let's take a look at another case. Let's talk about peggy. Rae margaret mary. Pay ray was a second of four children. Born to george loretta ray in illinois. She was a popular student. Her community college and after graduating in nineteen seventy ray briefly enrolled in a nursing program at marquette university. She were later dropout to her sophomore year to marry her. First husband. gary johannesen by nineteen eighty to raise marriage to gary johannesen had ended in divorce. Her mental health continued to decline in. Her ex. Husband was awarded. Custody are therefore children sometime. After her divorce ray married for a second time and had a fifth child alleys in nineteen eighty-four raise friends and family attempted to get professional help but ray refuses and would frequently disappear for months at a time ray lived a transient life and would often hitchhike across the united states when she was not living at the homes of various friends and family members she would live in shanties around nineteen eighty nine. She relinquished custody of alex to mother. Ray i made the news in may nineteen eighty-eight when she was arrested at the lincoln tunnel for failing to pay the three dollar toll. She was driving late night. Talk show host david letterman's porsche. Stolen from his driveway with three year. Old son alex. She claims she was led him. His wife and her son was their child over the next several years. She was arrested a total of eight times for trespassing on letterman's property and other related accounts. She claims she left cookies in an empty jack daniels bottle and the four year.

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Letterman's connecticut home. At one point she was found sleeping near a tennis court. Letterman's property raise antics became a staple of supermarket tabloids and letterman himself. Publicly treated it as a joke in one thousand nine hundred eighty before moving his late night shows two. Cbs letterman's top. Ten things to do before i leave. Nbc included since change of address to that woman who broke into my house. Another witty jab occurred on letterman's first show on cbs radio that because of his being on the air and our earlier everyday ray was breaking into his house that much earlier than normal. However in an interview with barbara. Walters letterman noted that he never mentioned raise name on the air and said that he had great compassion for her often decline to press criminal charges against her. I wasn't comfortable with. I wasn't comfortable with the humanity of that. He said ray eventually served a total of thirty four months jail a psychiatric hospitals for stalking letterman during her jill and hospitals as ray was prescribed antipsychotic drugs to treat her schizophrenia which improved her condition. She would stop taking him after her release because she did not like the physical side effects weight gain authority felt that she do not need the medication because she was naidoo after being released from jail in the early nineteen nineties. Raise attention shifted to astronaut story. Musk grave to who she wrote. Letters may telephone calls and s- and packages in nineteen ninety four. She posed as a reporter. He interviewed him at the justice space center in houston as timber. Nine hundred ninety seven. She showed up at all in osceola. County florida. She claimed that she and musk grave for writing a book together stating i loved autonomous grave. I would die for him. He's a man of integrity and intelligence. Ray eventually served. Time in. Florida jail for trespassing. Must grace property on october. Fifth nineteen eighty eight. She committed suicide by kneeling on the tracks. The denver and rio grande western railroad and front of an oncoming train. Them in a letter that she wrote to her mother before her death. Ray said i'm all traveled out. I chose a painless an instant way to in my life in the valley i love raise. Body was cremated. Inter family scattered her ashes and needle rock natural area crawford colorado letterman and must gray publicly express sympathy upon her death now. I guess you're starting to see a pattern here. The subject's always seemed to be a celebrity. But right to break it to you your average day to day person can also be victim. Let's talk about gerald atkins in nineteen ninety six a. michigan man named jailed. Atkins was crazy about deborah to confirm their love. He bought deborah an engagement ring. Atkins was confident. They will marry and live happily together but debra was unaware of atkins plans in fact. She didn't even know his last name. Difference between misguided love. Iran ameinias that in the face of the evidence. You without a doubt believe that the other party loves you. The two met at a bar with deborah made it clear she did not have any romantic interest in atkins and return atkins was convinced everyone around them was interfering with their love and this is the sole reason for her resistance at the time she was working in ford auto plan in wixom acas delusions. Convinced him that. The force political action committee and his workers were behind the conspiracy. They ruled out the possibility of being with deborah so he decided to massacre though he broke into the auto plant and terrorize employees for five hours but firing hundreds of rows.

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He killed the supervisor and wounded three other. People including two sheriff deputies police arrested atkins and started the interrogation. It became clear. He was an obsessive stalker eagles century in very paranoid talking to investigators. He confess the conversation when like this. I met a woman. I fell in love with and was it reciprocal. Yes it was. The problem was she was not able to respond. There is fear in her port. She wasn't afraid to me. She was afraid of something else. Well did you ever figure it out. Yes i did. She was afraid of ranking file. Enforce political action committee was any of this man to be a statement of your feelings for her your love for her a proof. Yes it was. Deborah myers house that she did not know this man and wouldn't even call him an acquaintance. Acas defense attorney did not dispute. He did shooting but argued. He was delusional. Jury rejected the insanity of pill and atkins receive life in prison without the possibility of parole. The mandatory sentence for murder in the state of michigan at the sentencing. He apologized to the kill plant managers family but didn't accept the responsibility for the crime. Committed bloodshed may be needed to fake. Change was his response. Now here we are at the last story when that might be the most famous. In recent years the christina creamy case not much is known about kevin mobile other than he was completely obsessed with christina creamy in fact he was so obsessed. He had plastic surgery to make himself more attractive to her louisville. Who were to florida. Best buy had a hair transplant. Laser guided surgery and even became a vegan. It ordered to make himself more appealing to creamy. He also vowed to make the singer. His wife was not registered to vote. Ahead almost no social media presence his friend and co worker. Corey bennington has more things to say about him. He said that kevin made it clear. He was everything having to do with her and louisville spent most of his waking hours. Either watching grammy's videos on youtube or monitoring all her social media accounts despite having none of his own label later told his friend that grammy's believe in christianity it also made him believing god on june tenth. Two thousand sixteen christina. Grammy would normally perform her last show but the day before that on june ninth at around one thirty pm. On that day he called a cab. He arrived at the courtyard by marriott. On magnolia avenue in orlando paying cabdriver. Two hundred dollars round trip and settling into his ru with sixteen dollars worth of food from the hotel snack bar in the morning. He stuff most of his belongings in his backpack employees them in a safe but neither television in the hotel room. He kept both guns and the knives tucking in his wallet in the concert ticket in his pocket kevin clip to nylon gun holsters to the inside of the back of his jeans erupted cloth around his left ankle. Strap a knife around it. He made his way over to the plaza. Live stopping a nearby over navy to buy a black head and get in line. Teenage girls and their mothers had their purses check but he breezed through the entrance passing a sign prohibiting firearms from the venue without so much as a side he picked a spot. Far from the stage kept his head. Low crosses arms and watched as christina's brother mark set behind the shirts at the merchandise table.

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After the show he spotted kevin at the end of the line he stood out appearing to be nearly doubled. The age of the young teen fans christina never judged anyone so it didn't matter what someone looked like or if they acted wearily she just had this way with people. Everyone loved her in. We literally never had a problem with the fan. Nothing mark said as the last fan cleared. Kevin approach christina. He didn't say anything so christina opened her arms for a hug. It was a trademark way to break. The is if she thought a fan was too shy to greet her. That's when he pulled that one of the guns at fired. The first shot echoed in theater and everybody looked around the workers popping balloons that have been released during the show he would intake at the other gun and shoot himself in the head. Well thank you sticking with me. This long iran ameinias something that is odd but if not taking seriously as very deadly the need to possess conquer former lovers is a common theme in our society. And that's scary on its own. Did you know that one twelve american women will be stocked in their lifetime. If you think is no big deal. Nothing to worry about think again. Stocking is a serious crime is something to nip in the bud as soon as you recognize the behavior. If you think stalking is only physical for its now with all these forms of communication stocking occurs to social media texting etc. Sorry to get all public service announcement on. You is something that i think is important. Please let me ruin your valentine's day as always if you like the pie gas. You can rate us on posh chaser napa podcasts. And next week stay safe stay. Say and please make those profiles private.